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Why You Should Ditch Silk for Sleek™️ - The Best Vegan Silk TODAY

Everything you need to know about Sleek™️, the new vegan silk that offers more anti-aging and beauty benefits than premium mulberry silk without any of its cruelty and harm to the environment.

It's no longer a secret that switching to a high-quality silk pillowcase can do wonders for the beauty of your skin and hair. People who have done the switch overwhelmingly report that they have had noticeable improvements. This is just one of the many reasons behind silk’s enduring popularity.

Unfortunately, the benefits of silk come at enormous costs both to our planet and to its consumers. We will explore them in this article and offer you an alternative which is Sleek, the modern upgrade to silk that is superior in every sense.

🦋 Why We Must Challenge the Silk Industry

Silk is a natural tissue produced by the salivary glands of the silkworm. Early in its life, the silkworm produces a cocoon to protect itself from the outside environment while it transforms into a moth. This cocoon is made of a single thread of silk that can extend up to 1.5 kilometers in length.

🔴 Silk production is inherently cruel

Silk fabric is produced by unraveling this cocoon and weaving it. However, the silkworm destroys its cocoon to get out, rendering it useless for silk producers. Therefore, silk producers kill the silkworm by boiling or gassing it just before it emerges from its cocoon. According to PETA, approximately 6,600 cocoons are needed to produce one kilogram of silk. This means that the silk industry violently kills 420 billion to 1 trillion living beings every year for profit.


Vegan silk, vegan alternative to silk pillowcase, plant based silk fabric, vegan alternative to silk, buy vegan silk fabric,

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

🔴 The silk industry harms the planet

The problems don't end there. The silkworm and its favorite food, mulberry leaves, are prone to diseases that reduce silk production. As a result, pesticides and other industrial chemicals are frequently used with harmful effects on the environment.

🔴 You rarely get what you pay for

Silk consumers also pay the price. Since the quality of silk varies greatly depending on production conditions, there is a wide range of silk qualities on the market. It is often impossible for the consumer to distinguish high-quality silk from poor-quality silk. Even the most expensive brands experience fluctuations in quality from batch to batch.

These are the facts we discovered when we decided to launch our own line of beauty-focused bedding products at Cosier. It was clear from day one that we could not be complicit in this vicious circle of harm. Doing nothing was also not an option, so we started looking for modern materials that match or exceed the benefits of silk while addressing all its problems.

Sleek Changes Everything

It took months to find the right manufacturing partner who understood how to develop a fabric that surpassed silk in performance, look and feel. But finally, we found the best in business.

Our manufacturing partner has been in the business of luxury fabrics since the 1930s. Since the 1980s, they have researched and developed sustainable, cruelty-free alternatives to silk. Thanks to their commitment, they became the world's first V-Label certified alternative silk fabric producer in 2017 and won countless other sustainability awards over the years.

The fabric on which we have chosen to build our partnership is a special blend of Bemberg™ Cupro and Lenzing™ EcoVero. Cupro is produced from recovered cotton seeds and EcoVero is produced from sustainably grown eucalyptus. The pillowcases made from this special fabric were already loved by high-end boutique hotel chains around the world. We have licensed this fabric as Sleek™. Cosier is the only company authorized to sell products made with Sleek™.

Sleek is the culmination of a century of expertise and a 100% commitment to sustainability.


Vegan silk, vegan alternative to silk pillowcase, plant based silk fabric, vegan alternative to silk, buy vegan silk fabric,

The unique texture and color of Sleek

Unleash the Natural Beauty of your Hair

Do you wake up to tangled hair full of knots, split ends, and breakage? Is it like a constant battle with your hairbrush in the morning? It is because your hair goes through a lot of stress while you sleep. And since you spend a third of your life sleeping, it's no wonder that this stress is deteriorating the health of your hair.


Vegan silk, vegan alternative to silk pillowcase, plant based silk fabric, vegan alternative to silk, buy vegan silk fabric,

Sleek helps you enjoy the best version of your hair 

Sleek significantly reduces this stress on your hair better than the highest quality silk by more effectively solving the problems created by your usual pillowcase:

Sleek has 68% less friction compared to silk

A high friction fabric like cotton will pull your hair in all directions causing tangles and breakage. Silk is a low friction fabric thanks to its rounder and finer fibers. However, even the highest quality silk does not have perfectly rounded fibers. Sleek's regenerated fibers give us total control over fiber roundness and fineness. This makes Sleek consistently and vastly superior to silk in terms of low friction.


Sleek™️ retains 92% less static electricity compared to silk

That frizzy bed hair look that gives you a hard time combing your hair every morning is also caused by high static electricity that builds up on your hair when it comes in contact with your pillowcase. The silk discharges some of this electricity but not all of it. Thanks to its Cupro content, Sleek can discharge static electricity almost 10 times more effectively than silk.


Restore Your Skin's Healthy Glow

Don't you hate seeing your face full of wrinkles in the morning? Is your skin prone to acne and dryness? Again, the culprit may be your ordinary pillowcase which is unable to regulate your skin's natural oils and moisture. Even if you're careful enough to use skin products like an expensive night cream, these will be less effective with a pillowcase that sucks them in before your skin does.


Vegan silk, vegan alternative to silk pillowcase, plant based silk fabric, vegan alternative to silk, buy vegan silk fabric,

Sleek helps your skin regain its natural glow 

Sleek nurtures your skin by regulating the natural oils and moisture that are generated by your body. Additionally, it protects your skin effectively against abrasion. Sleek achieves this by addressing the root causes of dryness more effectively than silk:

Sleek™️ Regulates Moisture 22% Better Than Silk

Silk is known for its moisture control properties which are better than cotton and polyester. It draws out and releases excess moisture without drying out your skin. In this way, it helps reduce wrinkles and dryness.

Sleek is even better than silk in terms of moisture control. It helps your skin maintain a healthy balance of natural oils and moisture. It also helps your skin retain the skin care products you use. This increases the effectiveness of your expensive night cream or allows you to achieve the same results while using less.


Sleek™️ Reduces Abrasion on Your Skin

Since your skin rubs against your pillowcase as you naturally move during sleep, your regular pillowcase can damage the surface of your skin like a piece of sandpaper. With its perfectly smooth fibers and low friction, Sleek is gentle on your skin, protecting it from abrasion while you sleep. 

Keep in mind that due to its high static electrical potential, your ordinary pillowcase is literally a magnet for collecting dust, detergent residue, and bacteria that can build up in your pores and infect your skin. With its 92% lower static electrical potential than silk, Sleek helps your skin get a head start against potential skin issues like allergies, acne, and clogged pores.

Add a Unique Touch of Luxury to Your Bedroom

The brilliance and softness of silk have undoubtedly contributed to its popularity over the ages. However, since cheaper fabrics like polyester satin have been imitating the glossy brightness of silk relatively successfully, this look has lost most of its value.

That's why Sleek has a matte surface to balance its underlying shine. The unique surface of Sleek gives depth and complexity to its colors. It gives the impression of touching a delicate rose petal. This unique look and feel are achieved through a process called fibrillation, which cannot be applied as effectively to other fibers.


Vegan silk, vegan alternative to silk pillowcase, plant based silk fabric, vegan alternative to silk, buy vegan silk fabric,

Sleek looks like a rose petal with deep, complex, matte colors 

It is a bold and risky attempt to challenge established luxury standards. However, we're confident that once you try Sleek, you'll be convinced that the shiny, plasticky look that polyester satin and silk provide is out of fashion.

🌍 It's Better for the Planet

Sleek is a regenerated fiber that is produced from a unique blend of two sustainable and innovative fibers: EcoVero and Cupro. Both fibers are produced through modern closed-loop production processes that utilize less water and energy while ensuring that no harmful substances are released into the environment.

💫 Lenzing™ EcoVero

EcoVero is produced from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees. This means the wood sources are certified by FSC & PEFC to cause no deforestation. Additionally, no wood comes from ancient or endangered forests that are vital to biodiversity and climate.

Overall, EcoVero has a 50% lower carbon footprint than regular viscose. The highly respected Austrian company Lenzing, owner of EcoVero, provides full supply chain visibility of its products. This is one of the reasons why EcoVero is certified by EU Ecolabel, which represents excellence in environmental protection practices.

💫 Bemberg™ Cupro

Cupro is produced from cottonseed linter, which is a material obtained from the cottonseed oil manufacturing process. The Bemberg production process creates an extraordinary fiber from a material that normally has no economic value and is classified as pre-consumer waste.


Vegan silk, vegan alternative to silk pillowcase, plant based silk fabric, vegan alternative to silk, buy vegan silk fabric,

Photo of cotton seeds from the Bemberg website

 Asahi Kasei Corporation has a strong commitment to recycling, circular production, and carbon footprint reduction. Bemberg™ Cupro has already obtained INNOVHUB, ISO 14001, and Global Recycling Standard certifications. It has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2050

Both fibers are biodegradable and compostable. They decompose in nature within three months. Polyester fabrics, on the other hand, take 200 years to fully decompose, poisoning our soils and oceans in the process.

These two sustainable fibers are combined through an eco-friendly process in Cosier’s manufacturing plants located near Europe. As a result, the durability of Sleek has been recognized by V-Label Vegan, Global Recycling Standard, and OEKO TEX certifications.

This is how the simple act of choosing Sleek over silk is helping to transform a harmful and inherently cruel industry into a sustainable one. That's why we invite you to join the Sleek Revolution.

You Can Use It For Years With Easy Maintenance

One of the biggest disadvantages of silk is its delicate structure which requires special care. Washing it frequently in the washing machine and without special detergents considerably reduces its lifespan.

The sturdiness of silk increases with higher material density, i.e., the momme value of silk. Lowest quality silk products are generally 16 momme or 69 grams per square meter while the highest quality silk products are generally 25 momme or 108 grams per square meter.

The strength of the silk increases with higher material density, i.e., the momme value of the silk. The lowest quality silk products are usually 16 momme or 69 grams per square meter, while the highest quality silk products are usually 25 momme or 108 grams per square meter.

With its density of 197 grams per square meter, the durability of Sleek surpasses even the highest quality silk available. You can machine wash it at 30°C and tumble dry it on a low cycle. You can iron it over medium heat to make it smooth and soft. You can use it for years with proper care.

🎁 Your Perfect Gift for Special Occasions

We designed the eco-friendly packaging of our Sleek product line to provide a great gifting experience. Our premium gift box is luxurious, and the opening experience is amazing. This makes the Cosier Sleek Pillowcase a perfect gift for special occasions like birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or Mother's Day.


Vegan silk, vegan alternative to silk pillowcase, plant based silk fabric, vegan alternative to silk, buy vegan silk fabric,

Sleek pillowcases come with an elegant gift box

Because a Sleek pillowcase is a simple yet effective addition to anyone's beauty routine, it's one of the few gifts that will make your loved ones happy. We're sure they'll start using it from day one and remember you every time they lay their head on their pillow.

❤️ In conclusion

We think it's time to change the silk industry. Order a Cosier Sleek Pillowcase today to help our planet heal while enjoying superior quality and luxury.

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